On one summer midnight, I fell in love with the scars of the red half moon.
p.c: Anupama Bora

It’s difficult to see things  

as it is in the real world,

often disguised

with what we want to see

and what we actually see. 


In spite of so much confusions in life,

one fine summer midnight

I looked up at the clear sky,

saw the red moon shining passionately

mesmerized by her radiant beauty

I forgot about time.

Her scars perfectly glowing

even in the darkest hours.


How intriguing it is to watch,

only one half of the moon could bewitch my soul.

I could see the depth and the truth of life

within her scars

and couldn’t help but fall in love with those,

on one fine summer midnight..



The Last Breathe

And I will keep loving you till I breath my last.. Photo credit: Anupama
That moment we hold
our hands firmly than ever,
I loved you.
That moment our eyes met
I loved you.
May be, I thought I did
until one fine morning
I woke up
hearing those tiny birds
sing Adieu songs..

Under the moon light,
I loved every bit of you
Our kiss
under the open sky,
I loved you..
The wooden bridge near
the huge tree,
I remember it precisely..

The moment we felt
the never ending love,
we were one
though we were apart.
Miles of distance
seemed just in a blink of an eye.
I found you in the wind
blowing across my face.

How do I forget,
that I loved you..
How will you forget
that my breathe 
was yours from the time
I loved you..

Love isn’t going away,
It never did leave us.
We drifted apart
as time passed.
I thought I could mend it,
collected few pieces
and added golden threads.
Now it will shine forever
as your smile,
so as my smile.
I loved you between
our laughter and sorrow.
I loved you
in all dawns
in all seasons.

And I will keep loving you
till I breath my last.. 

Yellow letters..

I looked through the door
saw the yellow letters
engraved in bold. 
It felt like an old world, 
wrapped in darkness.
The empty corridor
spoke a lot about
the survivals,
the departures,
the long awaited
coming to an end.. 

I just stopped by
that door, 
witnessing the loud silence.
Listened to the
never told lost battles,
heard the scream
of a mother for her child
leaving her shadow.
Felt the lost of a one sided
hero, who left only to see
happiness in her eyes..

I could realise many dreams
lived, lost, and even built 
as the train howled,
as I started to leave behind 
those stories.. 
Just with a wink
on my lips..!!

Letter to my Mother

Hello mom,
I hope not to trouble you more,
I want to tell you something
will you be angry?
Don’t be, mom.
I am scared,
not of ghost and demons,
nor of darkness or caves,
or of heights and depths.
But of people and the mask they put on.

Mom, I am scared of the days.
Nights awakens me,
evenings seems too tiring, mom.
and mornings are the laziest.
I have grown insomniac mom.
Won't you sing a lullaby
and brush my hairs gently
so that I fall asleep by your side.

Can you listen to my heart beats?
getting faster and fader.
The world seems so naïve, mom
but not for me.
I am sorry, I broke your heart
too many times,
I made mistakes,
I trusted the wrong ones, I lied.
Could I undo all those?

But mom after all these
I have known one thing
that will never change
in this lifetime of mine.
That, you are my Mother,
You are my strength.
I am no better than you,
Yes, I am your reflection
and you are my moon,
You are the sun, a constant companion.

You fought, with the darkness
to bring me to light.
I see your pain to raise me.
I see those sleepless nights of yours
just to console my sobbing.
I see the sacrifices you've made for me.
I see your dreams lying next to the broken sheets.

Mom, I own you my life.
I own you everything I am today.
I am who I am today, all because of you.
No mom, I am not going to leave you
I am your daughter,
I have your blood in my veins.

When I asked darkness about you,
You know, what he said.
He said, “She is powerful, magnificent and glorious.”
“She is one of a kind.”
“She is epitome of love, kindness and dedication.”

Mom, now I won't be sacred, cause I have you.
I gently smiled back to darkness
And he knew what I meant..!

With love,
Your eldest daughter.


The knight..


She seems like an open book
yet holding mystery,
she looks like a dream
disguised in a nightmare.
She loves the dark
it hides her sorrow.

Moon being her only lover,
star filled sky her shelter.
She is wild like the fire,
soft like the desert sand.
She is the light
in the darkest hours.

She is a woman of substance,
A source of harmony
when we cease to shine,
she can rule the battle
with her enchanting spirit.

She is the hero,
the knight in shining armour..

Ode to the sea..

Ode to the sea,

waves washing off

the dullness that we bring into it.

Waves that sing like the storm,

waves that roar like the thunder.

Like every havoc

after it passes, brings silence..

Ode to the sea,

I witness here

the freshness of the shells,

the little castle I build

out of the salted sands

was missing..

The rainbow coloured kite

flying aimlessly in the mid air,

I felt like that aimless kite

that was grounded by a tiny thread..

Ode to the sea,

A song that I sing whenever

I see great something,

I see a horizon

across the sea,

I see the blueness of the water

meeting the pale sky

somewhere between the day and night..

I see magic in the waves as it passes..!!